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Domestic pets, farm animals, and wildlife are at the mercy of humans. Many don’t have compassion for animals. Fortunately, animal welfare organizations work tirelessly to protect wildlife species around the world. Animal charities are always in need of donations. Here are some worthy charitable organizations to donate to this year.

HSUS, established in 1954, has found homes for 100,000 pets each year. The organization is dedicated to ending wildlife, trophy hunting, and fur trades. HSUS shuts down puppy mills and works to ensure the well-being of farm animals. Support HSUS by making donations, donating cash back, or leaving a legacy.

All animals matter to Friends For Life, regardless of breed, age, where they’re from, or physical condition. The goal of the nonprofit is to find homes for thousands of animals. Their programs include spay/neuter, disaster plans for pets, training, rehabilitation, and pet food banks. Ways to help Friends For Life include donations, sponsorships, fundraisers, and wishlists.

The ASPCA is dedicated to ending animal neglect and abuse, protecting, rescuing, and placing animals in forever homes. The organization helps animals displaced after natural disasters and works with shelters across the country. You can help the ASPCA by making a donation, fostering, volunteering, and adopting pets.

The goal of the Animal League Defense Fund is to ensure animals used in agriculture are treated humanely, agricultural workers have rights, and cases of abuse are reported. The ALDF works for legislation to protect animals and workers. Cases of abuse can be reported anonymously. Sharegraphics displayed on social media is an excellent way to support ALDF.

Wild Aid is dedicated to ending illegal poaching and wildlife trade. Wild Aid works toward ending climate change, restoring habitats to endangered species, and building communities worldwide. Supporters can end animal suffering by donating directly to Wild Aid.

World Animal Protection is a global organization whose mission is to make the world better for animals and humans. The organization is dedicated to ending the animal trade, fighting hunger and poverty worldwide, combating climate changes, protecting the diversity of ecosystems, and fighting hunger and poverty. Here’s how to help World Animal Protection with a donation.

Sea Otter Foundation and Trust is protecting otter’s habitats and funding education and research to keep them safe. Sea otters are essential to ecosystems and are in danger due to water pollution and climate change. The foundation’s programs include conserving otter’s natural habitats, conserving land, and education. Volunteers are welcome. You can help the foundation with shopping and cash-back, the Adopt an Otter program, and donations.