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The year 2020 has been a challenging one for philanthropy. In-person fundraising events are canceled, and many nonprofit organizations have seen an increased need. Due to COVID-’19, charitable giving is more challenging these days, but it is more important than ever. The philanthropic experts at National Philanthropic Trust (NPT) are sharing ways in which you can give this Giving Season. 

 Leveraging Social Media Influence

 Whether someone has 100 or 100,000 followers, their influence on social media is essential to nonprofit organizations. 

Share: People can help nonprofit organizations by sharing their stories on their social media pages. NPT states that sharing at least three posts per platform is ideal. 

Speak: Using Twitter Fleets, Instagram Stories, or Facebook Live, people can share the experiences they’ve had with their favorite charitable organizations. People can speak about what the organization’s mission means to them or their experience working with the nonprofit. 

Donate: All nonprofits need money to carry out their mission. Donate directly to a charity through its website to avoid scammers.

Review: People can leave their favorite nonprofits positive reviews on social media and review sites, such as Yelp and Google. People should leave detailed reviews that reveal why they think the organization deserves the rating they’re giving. 

Shop: Many nonprofit organizations have wishlists on Amazon, eBay, and other retail websites. People can help their favorite charitable organizations this year by sending them items from their wishlist. 

Making Donations Count

Every charitable organization needs financial support to carry out its mission. Any amount of money someone can give to their favorite charity counts, whether it’s $20 or $2,000. According to NPT, the CARES Act gives donors a $300 tax deduction, so people who give to nonprofits should keep their receipts. 

 People can make the most impact by giving larger donations to fewer charities. NPT suggests creating a giving budget and giving to the same organizations year after year. 

 People who are trying to decide which charitable organizations to donate to should do their research. People should find out an organization’s mission and how their money will be used. If someone cannot find the information they need to decide on the organization’s website, they should directly call the nonprofit. Any reputable nonprofit will be happy to answer the questions of potential donors.